CALAB Receives Commendation From Minister of SMEs and Startups

CALAB Receives Commendation From Minister of SMEs and Startups
CALAB, a clean tech company, received a commendation from the Minister of SMEs and Startups for its outstanding performance in the field of SMEs' market development and marketing.

The award for merit in supporting small and medium-sized businesses' sales and marketing is given to executives and employees of related organizations such as public officials, public institutions and distributors who have contributed to the development and support of small and medium-sized businesses' sales performance, such as increased sales performance of small and medium-sized businesses through government support.

CALAB has been recognized for its achievements by achieving an average of 350% of sales improvement and employment growth from 2020 to last year, when it began receiving support from small and medium-sized business distribution centers.

In addition, various air cleaning products based on technology in the next-generation fusion filter material field are being released through its own brand, AEREA, creating new product categories such as ventilation filters and long-lived vehicle filters.

In particular, it is expanding its business into materials and intermediate goods based on its filter material technology, and in September, convergence filter materials developed by CALAB were selected as green technology products.

In addition, CALAB has been selected as Korea's leading brand "Brand K" and has achieved a number of contracts in establishing local partners to enter the global market from the United States to Africa.

Lee Seung-wook, CEO of CALAB, said, "In the face of fine dust problems and pandemics such as COVID-19, interest and importance in harmful substances in the air are increasing day by day," and added, "We will make efforts to lead the eco-friendly and economical filter market beyond Korea to the world based on the next-generation filter material technology."