CALAB Unveils 3rd Generation Oversink Water Purifier at CES in U.S

CALAB Unveils 3rd Generation Oversink Water Purifier at CES in U.S
  • Minimize and sterilize the effluent stage after the filter
  • Remove odorous substances, eliminate bacteria and viruses
  • U.S. Targets African Markets

Clean tech company CALAB (CEO Lee Seung-wook) announced on the 12th that it has unveiled a new product from the 3rd generation water purifier "OverSink" lineup at "CES 2024," the world's largest consumer goods exhibition in Las Vegas.

CALAB's OVERSINK product was launched last year as the first water treatment and water purification product to incorporate CALAB's fusion filter technology.

In order to solve the problem of pathogenic harmful substances from the long flow path of existing water purifiers, this product minimized the water outlet stage after the filter and sterilized even the minimized structure through UV technology, solving the bacterial and viral issues caused by contamination of the product itself beyond removing microplastics and odor-causing substances.

It is also manufactured as a tap-mount type water purifier product and is targeting the U.S. and Africa beyond the domestic market based on its economical and effective functions.

Lee Jung-hyun, head of CALAB's laboratory, said, "This product will be released overseas first through pre-order through CALAB's overseas partners," adding, "We are planning to launch it in Korea through official domestic water purifier certification later."