Clean-Tech Company CALAB takes a leap forward with a new name, ‘Newrizon’

Clean-Tech Company CALAB takes a leap forward with a new name, ‘Newrizon’

After general shareholders' meeting, new investment attraction confirmed as early as April , KOSDAQ listing promoted

[Busan Beta News = Reporter Park Hyun] The company name of CALAB (CEO Seunguk Lee) will be changed to Newrizon as early as April.

CALAB held its 4th regular general shareholders' meeting on the 28th at the Centum Sky Biz conference room where CALAB's headquarters is located, approved the 2023 business report and financial statements, and resolved major agenda items.

A company name change proposal was submitted on the agenda that day, and the company name change from CALAB to ‘Newrizon’ was confirmed through shareholder resolution. The name change process is scheduled to take place as early as April after this shareholders' meeting.

In order to achieve its sales goal in 2024 and a successful IPO in 2025, Newrizon plans to ▲expand its share in the public procurement area ▲launch an eco-friendly consumer goods brand (Slown) ▲secure eco-friendly material mass production technology ▲Recruit external talent and strengthen internal capabilities.

CEO Seunguk Lee said, "From the existing mission of CALAB, which was limited to the air sector, we decided on the mission of Newrizon, which is a combination of Horizon, meaning the horizon where air and water meet, and New, meaning new sustainable technology." He added, “We will do our best to grow into a Global No. 1 Clean-tech company,” he said.

Meanwhile, CALAB, established in 2020, is building a wide range of business areas ranging from consumer goods to industrial goods, starting with mass production of sustainable, eco-friendly filter materials in 2022. In 2023, in recognition of these achievements, he received awards from the Ministers of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and the Ministry of Environment, and also achieved the feat of being selected as 'Ace Stella', a representative technology start-up company in Busan.

The selection process for the listing manager has been completed with the goal of an IPO in 2025, and the attraction of new investments has recently been confirmed, so the process for listing on the KOSDAQ is in full swing.

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