AEREA E11 Grade Filter Mask Aero Breath Fit Pre-booking

AEREA E11 Grade Filter Mask Aero Breath Fit Pre-booking
[E-Daily reporter Lee Yoon-jung] AEREA announced on the 7th that it has made a pre-booking for the new filter replacement mask 'Aero Breath Fit'.

AEREA is a brand specializing in air quality developed with CALAB's own technology. Aero Breath Fit is the first air quality product introduced by AEREA.

The Aero Breath Fit provides comfortable breathing with a lower intake resistance of more than eight times, and can be used for up to three months with an E11-grade high-efficiency filter at the level of an air purifier. Silicon that touches the skin is made of medical silicon material, so sensitive skin can also be used.

In addition, it is designed to maintain the efficiency of the filter and prevent breathing again due to the separation of inhalation (supply part) and exhalation (breathing part), and the filter is located in the exhalation (breathing part) so that it can be used without worrying about droplet leakage of the valve-type mask.

It is a bird beak-type mask that can be worn in various styles of daily life, and it weighs 70g and can be worn comfortably. As a color mask that can replace the case, three color cases, Snow White, Midnight Black, and Pure Beige, are currently provided, and the color can be easily replaced by a detachable replacement method.

Meanwhile, advance reservations for Aero Breath Fit will run until January 23, and if you apply for a pre-booking through the website, you will receive the maximum discount on a first-come, first-served basis and a gift worth 50,000 won.