Our Vision

Let’s make society where everyone has clean air and water

CALAB believes that the air and water that anyone could breathe and drink freely are no longer public goods but consumer goods due to pollution.

We are trying to make sure that many people be with peace of mind through effective and economical solutions of ours.

Cleaner water

CALAB desires to go one step further and improve the water quality of all the spaces around the globe. 

We want to make future better so that we can drink clean water with products from CALAB everywhere from our home to offices, and even outdoor spaces.


We started with the recognition that air purifiers with a penetration rate of nearly 80% actually have a definite limit to improving air.

EPA, the U.S. Environment Agency, also announced that air purifiers are an means of assistance for air quality management and that effective air quality management is not possible with only air purifiers.

    Our history

  • 2019

    May: Foundation / Chosen for Pre-foundation project by MSS Korea

    Sep: Chosen for Eco-friendly Refrigeration & Air Conditioning project by Busan City (Busan Techno Park)

    Oct: Launched Ventilation Purifying Filter ‘Aero Shield’

    Dec: 'Aero Shield' ranked 1st at vent filter category of Naver Shopping

  • 2020

    Feb: Found Corporation / Transfer to Corporate licensee

    Mar: Inno-Startup guarantee investment option by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund / Chosen for Startups Nest Project

    Jun: Chosen for Initial Start-up Package by KISED / Achieved Total 10,000 Package of Aero Shield

    Nov: Attracted 1st Funding by Bu-holdings & Series Ventures

    Dec: Chosen for R&D Project by MSS Korea / Inno-Startup by IBK CG

  • 2021

    Jan: Succeeded in crowdfunding of Electronic Mask ‘Aero Breath’ ($9M)

    Apr: Attracted 2nd Funding by IBK bank / Launched Electronic Mask ‘Aero Breath’

    Jun: Chosen for Leaping Start Package & Dust Reducing Practical Use Project / Entered ‘E-mart’, domestic supermarket chain

    Sep: Entered Amazon U.S. / Succeeded in crowdfunding of ‘Aero Breath’ in JP

    Oct: Chosen for TIPS Project / Obtained FDA Certification / Launched Ventilation Purifying Filter ‘Aero Vent’

    Dec: Attracted 3rd Funding by PNU Holdings & JNU Holdings

  • 2022

    Jan: Launched Filter Replaceable Mask ‘Aero Breath Fit’

    Mar: Launched Long-Life Air Cabin Filter ‘Aero Formula’

    May: 4th investment attraction (Credit Guarantee Fund) / Selected as ‘First Penguin’ by Credit Guarantee Fund

    Jul: Selection of Environmental Vendor Project by Ministry of Environment
       Selection of Clean Air Elevation Project in Busan
       Selection of TIPS Start-up Commercialization Project

    Sep: Designation of innovative product by the Korean Intellectual Property
       Designation of win-win cooperation product by Ministry of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
       Designated as export promising SME / Designated as Innovative SME

    Oct: Selected as the best company for environmental jobs by Ministry of Environment
       Selected as a leisure-friendly company by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
       Exclusive distribution agreement of AEREA with Sheng Lin Technology in Taiwanese territory

  • 2023

    Jan: Selected as the organization for the development of wood resources by the Korea Forest Service’
       Received order of air cleaning service for the entire subway station in Busan
       Participated in CES 2023 as a representative company in Busan

    Mar: Order placed for an air cleaning filter service project from The Ministry of National Defense
        Selected as an overseas export enterprise for excellent environmental enterprises by the Ministry of Environment
        Selected for the Industry-Academic Collaboration R&D project by Ministry of SMEs

    May: Order placed for filters for vessels of SK Shipping
        Selection of Busan City's representative start-up company (Ace Stella) project
        Signed exclusive distribution agreement with KKLM in Mozambique, Africa

    Jul: Selected as an excellent employment enterprise in Busan / Selected for the Living lab R&D project by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    Sep: Acquired Green Technology Product Certification by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
        Signed export contracts to 10 African countries / Selection of R&D to foster research industrial complexes