Newrizon at VIVA Tech 2024

We are happy to announce that Newrizon(formerly CALAB) is going to attend VIVA Technology 2024 in Paris, France!

Newrizon will showcase Aero Hybrid Filter which is its own developed synthetic material that can solve existing problems and overcome the limitations of conventional Melt-blown and Glass-fiber filters. 

Simply saying, Aero Hybrid Filter can last 4X longer than Melt-blown filters and can have 10X lower pressure drop than Glass-fiber filters.

How can it be done? Don't miss the chance to join a new brilliant technology for sustainable, still profitable future of Newrizon.




Are you wondering why we developed this material?

Have you ever noticed that we breathe air at the equivalent amount of 10,000 PET bottles of 1.5L everyday?
If we could see the quality of air we breathe, just like we see if the water contaminated or not, could we literally inhale and exhale the air like we do now?

Here's the fact. Almost entire global population breathe air that exceeds the limit set by WHO, and as much as 7 million people die every year due to the air quality issues. Yes, it's true and it's much more than deaths by Covid-19.

Fortunately at least, more and more people are getting paying attention to the air quality and noticing the importance of clean air. And it has made the clean tech industry based on filters grow rapidly.

Let's talk about some pain points of existing ones.

Among them, the most serious problem will be environmental limitations.
Filters are basically made of PP, Polypropylene. In other words, plastics.
Most disposable filter materials used in purifiers or masks etc. generate huge amount of carbon and plastic wastes during the disposal process. and obviously, they are running counter to the trend of regulations on disposable products globally.

Secondly, they have high social costs.
For example, let's say you use the disposable mask as daily necessities, and you have an air purifier at home, so that you need to replace its filter every 6 months at least. Yes, you will get the point. It not only consume a huge amount of time but also money to maintain clean air.


We, Newrizon, wanted to change this. We wanted an efficient yet economical solution, reducing wastes.





We have developed this brand new filter called Aero Hybrid Filter.

As you can see, we have stacked the layers multiply so that each of them can catch the dust more efficiently, in an order. Not done yet. Here's the thing. We have combined two different materials into one filter, which allows it not only to catch dust but also block virus and bacteria physically.


Those are the overview of electrostatic filter and nanofiber filter.
Each of them has strength and weakness. 

Electrostatic filters(MB, Melt-blown) which uses electrostatic power are good at catching dusts. And they're very breathable. So at the most of the conditions that require low pressure drop and high efficiency, electrostatic filters are used. But how it will be when they get humid? They lose their electrostatic power which causes efficiency drop and it can only maintain 20 to 30% of remaining efficiency at the end of use. 

Then how about nanofiber filter?
It can catch the virus and bacteria physically, with its highly dense filtration area. but, it has low breathability and low dust blocking efficiency.

Okay, then, what will be happening when we combine these two materials into one with the secret recipe of R&D department of Newrizon?

As proven by various certified test agencies and our own laboratory, the filtering efficiency remains 99.95% and its lifespan has been increased 4X longer. In other words, if your current filter can last 3 months, Aero Hybrid Filter can last 12 months.

Wait! Even with these amazing features, we still have one more thing to boast. Do you remember the reliability the electrostatic filter has which we told you earlier? the part it only maintains 20 to 30% of efficiency at the end of use.

Aero Hybrid Filter can maintain at least 85% of efficiency at the end of use, although it has 4 times longer lifespan than electrostatic filters.


Are you using glass-fiber filter?
Cool. And you're okay with its high differential pressure?
Trust me and try Aero Hybrid Filter just once. It will change everything.


With this amazing technical differentiation, we now have been securing overseas distribution channels worldwide, supplying large companies and B2C channels in the consumer goods market. Yet, we keep participating in International Exhibition like CES and VIVA Tech in order to boast our technology and products, while attracting potential distributors, clients and investors abroad.


So, if you would like to look over and discuss further and want to know how we have managed this amazing technology into reality to set the sustainable business model, you'd better hurry to make an appointment to have a face-to-face meeting.

In order to set the schedule, please feel free to contact Rachel Minha Han by e-mail(

Merci et sincères salutations.

See you in Paris!