AEREA, CALAB's air quality product brand, announced that it will release the automobile air conditioner filter "Aero Formula" and make reservations in advance from March 1.

Aero Formula is a filter that can be used for up to 24 months. Clean air is introduced into the vehicle by removing ultrafine dust and bacterial viruses through an E12-grade AERO Hybrid Filter™ filter developed with its own technology.

Existing E12-class filters reduce air inflow due to small air permeability, and high pressure affects air conditioners, while the hybrid filter of the Aero Formula improves the air permeability problem and increases air inflow. While maintaining the differential pressure of E11 level, an E12-class high-efficiency filter was implemented.

In addition, Aero Formula has been certified for ISO/KS performance, and high filter efficiency has been verified to block ultrafine dust (MPPS) with a particle size of 0.3μm that can only be removed by E12-grade air conditioner filters.

An official from AEREA said, "In the vehicle air conditioner filter market, many domestic startups such as Luft air conditioner filters and AER air conditioner filters are entering and competing fiercely. The newly released Aero Formula will lead the vehicle air conditioner filter market, he said.

Meanwhile, pre-booking of Aero Formula will be held for three weeks from March 1 to March 20 on AEREA's website.
March 01, 2022 — Official CALAB