[Sisa Magazine] CALAB's air quality brand AEREA (AEREA) announced that it introduced new concept air purifiers 'Aero Shield' and 'Aero Vent' that are attached to ventilation holes.

The Aero Shield series is convenient because it can remove harmful substances indoors at a reasonable cost and does not have to replace the vent filter.

It recently launched its second-generation Aero Shield B product, a commercial product. The first-generation products are delivered and installed in high-density multi-use facilities such as COVID-19 isolation rooms, intensive care units, daycare centers, the National Police Agency, ships, and subways.

An official from CALAB, which operates the AEREA brand, said, "It is expected that various types of ventilation system filters will be released to expand consumer choices. In fact, the number of indoor harmful substances has decreased significantly compared to before installation, showing continued interest in various multi-use facilities."
May 16, 2022 — Official CALAB