Series Ventures announced on the 1st that it has invested in "CALAB," a startup specializing in fine dust resolution, along with a joint technology holder at universities in Busan. The investment is worth a total of 500 million won, with 200 million won from the G-strong Innovation Start-up Fund, which is jointly operated by Series Ventures and the Gyeongnam Creative Economy Innovation Center, and 300 million won from Busan University Technology Holdings.
CALAB is developing products that have excellent air quality improvement effects at affordable prices. One of the main products is "Aero Shield," a vent filter that adds an air cleaning function to a ventilation device installed on the ceiling of an apartment. Wearable air purifier mask 'Aero Breath', which is about to be released in the market, has also recently received a heated response by raising about 100 million won through crowdfunding to achieve 4835 percent of the target amount. Based on its excellent technology, it has also completed the development of multi-air volume commercial vent optimization products after receiving requests for product development from institutions such as transportation corporation and hospitals.

"We started the business from the problem that many products that have not been verified for fine dust reduction are being sold as if they are effective," said Seunguk Lee, CEO of CALAB. "As issues about air quality are increasing at home and abroad, we will continue to focus on product development to make products that consumers trust and buy."

"We expect the air quality market to continue to grow as citizens' awareness of ventilation increases and regulatory changes require ventilation facilities," said Park Joon-sang, CEO of Series Ventures. "CALAB is a company specialized in reducing indoor harmful substances and decided to invest."
February 01, 2021 — Official CALAB