CALAB Launches Aero Vent, Installation Type Air Purifier

CALAB Launches Aero Vent, Installation Type Air Purifier
CALAB, an air quality company, announced on the 22nd that it has developed and released "Aero Vent," an air purifier that will be installed at ceiling vents.

According to CALAB, Aero Vent is an air-clean filter diffuser that removes harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and radon, as well as ultrafine dust, bacteria, and viruses. Not only does it use patented multiple filters, but it is also certified for reducing floating bacteria and filter standards for ventilation devices, so it is possible to use them safely.

A CALAB official said, "As a product that can be ventilated at the same time as well as air clean function increases the inflow of clean air by up to 35%," adding, "Aero Vent is conveniently installed as a door-to-door installation service through a CALAB specialized installation article that thoroughly protects personal quarantine."

Aero Vent is a product that can solve various indoor air quality problems, he added. "CALAB will continue to make efforts to develop products that take into account the positions of many users."

If you purchase a product through the CALAB official website, you can also participate in the review event.