CALAB offers pre-booking discounts for installed vent filter 'Aero Vent'

CALAB offers pre-booking discounts for installed vent filter 'Aero Vent'
[E-Daily reporter Lee Yoon-jung] CALAB Co., Ltd. announced on the 1st that it has developed Aero Vent, a filter-integrated vent that combines air-clean filters with ventilation holes, and will make reservations in advance from October 1st before launch.

Aero Vent is an integrated filter that can remove harmful substances indoors and ventilate and clean at the same time, such as Aero Shield, an air-cleaning filter with a ventilation hole, and is installed through construction.

Aero Vent's patented multi-filter is certified not only to remove ultrafine dust, bacteria and viruses, but also to filter standards for floating bacteria reduction and ventilation, enabling safe use. It can be disposed of more easily with a compressible filter.

It also improves ventilation function by increasing the fluidity of ventilation airflow with a spiral pattern, and introduces a clean design with a transparent visible window considering aesthetics and a smaller size.

In particular, it is a product installed by a professional engineer, and more convenient installation is carried out through the installation driver's visit service.

An official from CALAB said, "To improve air quality, only products verified with their own technology are released, and as awareness of indoor air quality increases, we continue to make efforts to develop products that consider the position of many users."

Aero Vent's pre-booking period will be held exclusively on the CALAB official website for three weeks from October 1st to 21st, and an additional 20% discount will be applied when purchasing during the pre-booking period.