CALAB, an air quality company, announced on the 30th that it will conduct an upgraded encore funding of the wearable air purifier "Aero Breath" on Wadiz, a crowdfunding platform.

Aero Breath achieved the No. 1 Wadiz real-time funding participation rate (total-tech category) within two hours of opening at the first funding on December 29 last year, and successfully completed the campaign with a total funding of 96 million won.

Since then, due to the second funding request, the second upgrade encore funding was confirmed at 12:00 on June 30.

CALAB's "Aero Breath" is a new concept mask-type air purifier that has the advantage of a high-performance filter that blocks ultrafine dust and floating bacteria, a high-performance fan that supplies more than 100 liters of air even during exercise, and can be used for up to three months with one filter.

It will be introduced for the first time in December as an upgraded product that improves moisture emissions, improves chargeability, and reduces the burden on the ears.

An official from CALAB said, "We will continue to repay you with various products without losing the essence of products and brands."

Meanwhile, CALAB's "Aero Breath" upgrade enc
June 25, 2021 — Official CALAB