CALAB announced on the 17th that it has recently conducted IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) solutions in collaboration with Jeju Regional Maritime Police Agency.

This solution was made by installing Aero Vent, a system air purifier, on all ships in Seogwipo, Jeju, to improve the problem of air pollution inside Jeju ships.

CALAB explained, "The system air purifier Aero Vent and Aero Shield not only removes indoor fine dust and ultrafine dust, but also removes harmful substances, bacteria, and viruses in gas conditions up to 99.9%."

Through the solution, a total of 120 ships, including 90 attached Aero Shields and 30 installed Aero Vent, were installed on the patrol ships of Jeju and Seogwipo Coast Guard.

An official from the Jeju Regional Coast Guard said, "The narrow cabin and shared space inside the ship are difficult to ventilate, so the concentration of harmful substances such as ultrafine dust (PM2.5), volatile organic compounds (TVOC), and carbon dioxide (CO2) increases."

Meanwhile, CALAB is discussing IAQ solutions on the ship with Namhae Regional Maritime Police Agency, Donghae Maritime Police Station, Mokpo Maritime Police Station, and Ulsan Maritime Police Station.
December 17, 2021 — Official CALAB