CALAB unveils eco-friendly filter 'Aero Hybrid' product

CALAB unveils eco-friendly filter 'Aero Hybrid' product
CALAB, a next-generation filter material company, unveiled a number of Aero Hybrid-based products from CALAB, the world's first electrostatic-nano fusion filter material, at "CES 2024," the world's largest consumer goods exhibition to be held in Las Vegas, the United States.

CALAB's electrostatic-nano composite filter material has improved performance compared to existing electrostatic materials, nano filters, and glass fiber filter materials due to high hazardous material blocking efficiency, air permeability, and excellent performance reliability.

In addition, it is the only filter material in Korea with green technology certification in 2023 with a technology that reduces filter waste and reduces carbon generation from incineration with a long lifespan of up to 400% compared to existing filter materials.

At CES, CALAB also unveiled a new brand called "Newrizon," a combination of the word "New," which means new next-generation technology, and "Horizon," which means a horizon where air and water meet, a major business scope of CALAB.

Lee Chan-hyun, head of CALAB's business division, said, "In the future, we will take another leap forward with the brand name 'Newrizon', which has a more comprehensive and future meaning in domestic and overseas markets."