CALAB's 'Aero Breath' Enters in Wadiz Space

CALAB's 'Aero Breath' Enters in Wadiz Space
CALAB, an air quality company, announced that 'Aero Breath' has entered 'Space Wadiz' in Seongsu-dong.

The opening will run for three weeks from July 6 to 25, and you can experience aerobres products on the second floor of Space Wadiz.

A CALAB official said, "We have opened this space Wadiz so that customers can experience the product about Aero Breath," adding, "We hope many people will check it out themselves."

Meanwhile, 'Aero Breath' succeeded in funding 100 million at Wadiz in March and opened its funding on June 30th with this upgraded encore funding, achieving 780% in a day.

In addition, 'Aero Breath' will be provided at up to 35% discount when funding is made through Wadiz's website, and an additional replacement filter of 'Aero Breath' will be presented to everyone who participated in the funding. Details can be found on the Wadiz website or on CALAB's SNS account.