IBK holds online and offline demonstration day for Changgong

IBK holds online and offline demonstration day for Changgong
[Good Morning Economy = Reporter Kim Jin-sol] IBK Industrial Bank of Korea held an integrated demo day for the 6th, 5th, and 4th, Mapo, "IBK Changgong," a startup development platform, at IBK Finance Center in Eulji-ro, Seoul, for two days from the 25th.

IBK Changgong is a start-up development platform that supports investment, financing, consulting, and office space for innovative start-ups, and is being operated in three places: Mapo, Guro, and Busan.

In the second half of the year, IBK Changgong Daejeon will be additionally opened in the Daedeok R&D Special Zone to support the growth of tech and K-New Deal-related companies.

Through this, the Industrial Bank of Korea has provided 258 billion won in financial services such as investment and loans to 307 companies and 4155 non-financial services such as mentoring and consulting and IR.

This Demo Day is the last process of creating IBK, a start-up development program, and is an event in which companies introduce products and business models to investors and start-up-related institutions and attract investments.

Among IBK Changgong fostering companies, 30 companies participated in pitching, and 18 companies installed booths to promote their companies.

Lee Seung-wook, CEO of CCA Lab, explains the company to attract investment at the "IBK Changgong" integrated online and offline demo day held at IBK Finance Center in Eulji-ro, Seoul on the 25th. [Picture = IBK Industrial Bank of Korea]
The offline event hall of Demo Day, which was held on this day, was held with only a minimum number of employees of participating companies, representatives of mid-sized companies, and investors in compliance with the COVID-19 quarantine rules.

Startup-related organizations and officials participated through online channels such as Webinar (Web+Seminar) and YouTube.

An official from the Industrial Bank of Korea said, "It is the first integrated demonstration day held in collaboration with three centers in IBK Changgong, Mapo, Guro, and Busan," adding, "As it is the largest ever, we hope that all participating companies will have good results."

In particular, on this Demo Day, members of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses and VC (venture capital) were invited to hold a networking event to interact with Changgong companies.

Yoon Jong-won, president of the Industrial Bank of Korea, said in a congratulatory speech, "The Industrial Bank of Korea has set a supply target of 1.5 trillion won for three years since last year and has provided 530 billion won so far."

SOURCE: Good Morning Economy - Businessman's Country, Businessman's Morning! (http://www.goodkyung.com)