Installation of 30 vent filters in Gyeongju Tower, significantly improving air quality 50μg/sqm→5μg/sqm

The view of Gyeongju Tower Observatory with 30 Aero Shield products installed.

[Gyeongbuk = Daily Korea reporter Eun Jae-won] Gyeongju Expo Park announced on the 1st that it has cooperated with start-up companies to improve air quality in the park to provide a pleasant viewing environment.
Gyeongju Expo Park said it is installing air purification filters at CALAB and Gyeongju Tower and monitoring and managing air conditions in real time.

This collaboration was made by suggesting installation and operation management at Gyeongju Expo Park to provide a pleasant environment in indoor spaces such as exhibition halls to tourists visiting the park to enjoy leisure in a wide outdoor space due to the spread of "COVID-19."

CALAB is a startup established in 2019 and is recognized for its skills by researching, developing, and producing air quality improvement products based on its patented technology.

Aero Shield, a representative product, is also installed in "COVID-19" isolation rooms and intensive care units as it filters bacteria and viruses that block the inflow of ultrafine dust through ventilation devices.

Gyeongju Expo Park is maintaining a clean air condition by installing 30 Aero Shield products in Gyeongju Tower and purifying the air from the air conditioner.

According to the company's measurement records, the air condition of Gyeongju Tower, which was around 50μg/sqm before installation, has improved significantly, reducing to 0-5μg/sqm, which is one-tenth of the level, boasting a pleasant environment.
July 01, 2021 — Official CALAB