"Masks are also in the era of electronics." CALAB developed electronic masks

"Masks are also in the era of electronics." CALAB developed electronic masks
[Prime Economy] In spring, electronic masks developed by startups are a hot topic amid intensifying pain caused by yellow dust and fine dust.

CALAB's flagship electronic mask. ⓒCALAB

Developed by CALAB (CEO Lee Seunguk), an air quality company, Aero Breath is a mechanical mask that can be used for up to three months with a single filter, blocking up to 99.99% of 0.3 micron particles smaller than ultrafine dust and blocking suspended bacteria and harmful gases up to 99%.

In addition, it supplies more than 100 liters of air per minute to respond to more than 70 to 80 liters of breathing, which is necessary for exercise, so it is easy to breathe by securing the amount of breathing that is not insufficient.

CALAB received a lot of attention as a product that will solve the shortcomings of existing masks by achieving about 100 million won in funding through crowdfunding in December last year and is set to be officially released this month.

An official from CALAB said, "Airbresse is a product developed to improve the demand and waste problems of existing disposable masks," adding, "The focus is on solving social problems."

CALAB is a company founded by professional engineers related to fine dust with the aim of realizing a society where everyone breathes clean air, leading the air quality market with high consumer satisfaction in the vent filter market.