[Talk Talk, This Product] CALAB / Aero Breath Air Purifier

[Talk Talk, This Product] CALAB / Aero Breath Air Purifier
Patented filter, it catches the stench
CALAB, a company specializing in air quality, is selling a wearable air purifier called 'Aero Breath air purifier. Aero Breath utilizes a high-performance filter patented by CALAB. Through this, ultra-fine dust and floating bacteria in the air are blocked by up to 99.99%. Harmful gases and odors can also be removed. It also supplies air on its own, which is nearly twice the respiration rate of adult men. It is comfortable to breathe and can breathe comfortably. In particular, it supplies more than 100 liters of air to high-intensity exercise through high-performance fans.

In addition to removing germs and viruses through filters, sterilization is carried out on a cradle when charging products. This can also remove 99.9% of bacteria on the surface. It is also possible to reduce costs in an era when masks are essential. According to CALAB, disposable masks cost 300 to 500 won per unit (based on KF94 fine dust masks), while the purchase cost for one year amounts to 100,000 to 200,000 won. On the other hand, Aero Breath costs 50,000 won per year.

CALAB studies air quality-related products based on its own technology and sells products with guaranteed performance. Both the stability and performance of the product have been verified through an authorized certification authority. Aero Breath's patented multi-filter has been certified as ultra-fine dust removal (up to 99.9%), floating bacteria removal (up to 99.9%), harmful gas removal (up to 99.9%), and sterilization (999%) through authorized institutions. In addition, medical-grade silicon, where all items such as heavy metals, flame retardants, phthalates, and halogen compounds were not detected, was used. Aero Breath's battery is a safe lithium-ion battery certified by KC. A specially designed high-pressure fan also received CE certification.
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