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What’s the differences regular mask and Aero Breath Fit?

Aero Breath Fit is filter replaceable mask that improves not only
regular mask’s disadvantages such as difficulty breathing, steaming
up inside, but also maximizes the filter life till 3 months.

If i use it when i work out, wouldn’t i lack breathing?

Aero Breath Fit is designed to offer air enough by patented technology
and 8times wider filter area. But, it might be difficult to breath smoothly if you use the filter over the recommend period, so please be aware of how to use it.

Is it available to use for kids?

The Aero Breath Fit is for adults, we recommend kids over 14 years old. We would inform you that we are currently under development and preparing products for kids under 14-year-old.

Don’t I get makeup on my mask?

Aero Breath Fit is designed to improve cosmetic stains which has been pointed out as an uncomfortable factor. It has silicon where it comes into contact with your face so you easily clean it with wet tissue.

Wouldn’t the mask slip down or the glasses get steamed up?

Aero Breath Fit offers fabric type ear bands basically. You can adjust the ear band string depending on your face shape, so it prevents the mask from slipping down. Also its design has high sealing power by medical level silicon, and it helps not to get your glasses steamed up.

Is it okay to get wet?

Aero Breath Fit isn't an electric mask, but if the water gets into the filter, you feel uncomfortable breathing. It is designed not to get wet by considering the environment such as rainy days, but it is not a waterproof product. If your filter gets wet, I recommend you to dry the filter then use it again.

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