Implementation of Sustainability Based on Technology

Many of the products we use are produced through processes that pollute the environment.
Even filters or masks to solve the air pollution problem cause environmental damage and air pollution during production and disposal.
Air Pollution Problem
Infectious Hazardous Substances
Mask & Filter Waste

CALAB is developing various technologies for sustainability.

Waste Fiber Utilization Filter Technology

CALAB extracts fibers contained in waste wood and waste paper in an eco-friendly way and uses it as a substitute for filter materials.

Solar-Thermal Fusion Ventilation and Cleaning Technology

CA Lab realizes energy independence by combining the solar-thermal composite technology, which is one step ahead of the solar technology, with a ventilation purifier.

Deep Learning-Based Air Quality and Weather Prediction Technology

It is a technology that predicts not only air quality but also weather with high accuracy by utilizing real-time data from air quality sensors installed in CA Lab's products and deep learning-based prediction technology.